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Monarca Legacy Investments

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Prepare your questions and concerns

Before contacting the agent, it is recommended that you prepare a list of questions and concerns you have about the process of buying or selling property.

Be honest and transparent

In order to your agent provide you with effective service, it is important that you are honest and transparent about your needs and goals.

Establish effective communication

It is important to communicate effectively with your agent. If you prefer to communicate by email, make sure you provide all the necessary information.

Maintain continuous and friendly communication

It is important that you maintain continuous communication with the agent so that you are informed at all times about the process.

About Company

Monarca Legacy

A vacation rental property management and asset recovery company located in Katy, Texas. We are dedicated to helping our clients improve the profitability of their short term rental properties and recover funds. We have highly trained specialists who are committed to focusing exclusively on protecting the heritage interests of you and your family.

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We provide integral solutions in short-term rent property management and asset recovery, with high quality standards, knowledge and commitment to our clients' satisfaction.



To become a leader in the vacation property management and real estate asset recovery industry, recognized for our efficiency, quality and commitment to our clients.

About About
About About
Monarca Legacy Investments

Our Services

For years, our specialists have been supporting clients in managing
their vacation rental properties and recovering funds they did not know were their own.


Excess Funds Recovery Service

Our excess funds recovery experts help our clients understand their rights and provide assistance throughout the process, including the documents and information we need to defend and obtain excess funds for you. Our specialists are law-based and can help claim excess equity funds.

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Vacation Rental Management

Managing short-term rentals requires a lot of time and effort, which is why so many owners choose our company to operate their vacation rental properties and earn more income from their vacation home.

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We act with ethics, transparency and honesty in every tactical step we take.


We are committed and take responsibility for our actions and decisions.


We work collaboratively and respectfully, generating a harmonious and productive environment.


We seek continuous improvement and excellence in everything we do and the most convenient solutions.

Customer Service

We focus on understanding and satisfying our clients' needs.

Monarca Legacy Investments

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Schedule an appointment

Contact the agent through the contact method provided (either by phone, email or text message).


Provide the reason for your appointment

If you are looking to list your vacation property, or recover funds after a foreclosure property sale, to make sure the right agent is available to help you with that process.


Ask the agent about his or her availability.

Make sure the date and time of the appointment is convenient for both of you.


Confirm the appointment with the agent

Make sure you have the correct date, time and location. Ask the agent for any additional information you need to prepare for the meeting


Arrive on time for the appointment

And be prepared to discuss your needs and goals with your agent.

Monarca Legacy Investments

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Monarca Legacy Investments

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"I recently used Monarcas Legacy Investments' Excess Funds Recovery Service and I couldn't be happier with the results. The team was incredibly professional and efficient in recovering funds that I had no idea I was entitled to. The process was seamless and stress-free, and I received my recovered funds in a timely manner. I highly recommend Monarcas Legacy Investments to anyone looking for a reliable and trustworthy Excess Funds Recovery Service."

Andrew D. Bricker


"I had a great experience with Monarcas Legacy Investments' Excess Funds Recovery Service. The team was knowledgeable and responsive throughout the entire process, answering any questions I had and providing updates along the way. I was able to recover funds that I thought were lost forever, and the team made it all possible. I would definitely recommend Monarcas Legacy Investments' Excess Funds Recovery Service to anyone looking to recover lost funds. Thanks, Monarcas Legacy Investments!"

Josseling T. McMichael


10 Years Of Experience

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